Many men worldwide have submissive fantasies and the desire to have an experience with a dominant woman, but not as many women enjoy being dominant. Recently, more women have discovered the joy of female dominance but are not quite confident enough to feel entirely comfortable with domination.

I offer counseling to any anyone who wants to explore dominance and submission, bdsm and fetishes.

Are you a woman who is curious about female dominance? Has your partner told you that he wants to be dominated?

Are you a male novice, not sure whether you should take the step to act your fantasy out with a dominatrix or with a private partner?
Are you a man who has had several experiences with dominant women but cannot find what he is looking for?
Or do you just want to talk to me about your deep secrets?
Bring your favorite toys and outfits along, if you wish!

Do read my article. Then send me an email. If I think that I can be of help, we will speak briefly on the phone . For counseling, we will meet in person at my place, if you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I can do counseling on the phone, also, if you are living in a different area.